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The company was founded in 1988, but its origins go back to the year 1951, when truck traffic was started. The first earth-moving machine was acquired in 1956, and in 1965 the company form was changed to limited company. The company´s activities continued in this form until 1988. In that year, earth-works and transportation were separated into their own companies. The company´s activities are continuing in this way. In Finland´s 2009 production statistics we were the third largest contractor in terms of production volumes. Today we employ 35 people with a yearly turnover of 8 million euros.

Company´s field of activities:

We use crushing equipment manufactured by Metso Minerals Oy. The equipment consists of two traditional 3-phase plants (4-phase plants when required), and three track-mounted multiphase plants.

The traditional equipment is used in the demanding production of asphalt and gravel for train track beds.

The track-mounted equipment is used in smaller sites as well as for crushing work in building and road base construction. The track-mounted crushers are also used for ore mining and maintenance gravel crushing.


We have an operating system audited and approved by Rakentamisen Laatu (“Construction Quality”) RALA association and a RALA qualification certificate issued by the same association for having looked after its social responsibilities.


“ Lumiahon Murskaus Oy is one of the leading operators in its field in Finland, with it´s main region of operation between the areas of Rovaniemi and Jyväskylä. The company has its workshop and storage facilities in the village of Alpua of the Vihanti municipality. Our basic task is to provide added value for the raw material of our client by processing it to crushed aggregates suited for various purposes.”